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Bilaad Realty

About: Rumored to be the leading real estate firm in Abuja and Nigeria with a distinctive brand of luxurious smart homes with high end prices. Bilaad Realty currently offers a brand of housing projects quite unlike what Nigerians have experienced.

Cosgrove Investment Limited

About: One of the leading firms in automated smart houses in Nigeria. Their brand of luxurious apartments have taken the market by storm carving a niche quite unlike the norm in real estate development in Nigeria.

EFAB Properties Ltd

About: They are a major powerhouse in real estate development in Abuja and other states across the federation with a target market of the Nigerian middle class and lower high class.

Ochacho Real Homes Ltd

About: A major player in the real estate industry with top notch estates scattered around the FCT Abuja. They have been involved in opening up new districts with classy, secure and unique property designs ranking them amongst the top real estate developers in the country.

Saraha Homes Ltd

About: An A-list real estate developer with strong professional ethic and sound capacity to deliver on projects in record time. They are amongst the major players working to expand the city of Abuja by opening up new areas with durable and standard infrastructure.


  • Bilaad Realty
    25% 6 / 24
  • Cosgrove Investment Limited
    33% 8 / 24
  • EFAB Properties Ltd
    8% 2 / 24
  • Ochacho Real Homes Ltd
    33% 8 / 24
  • Saraha Homes Ltd
    0% 0 / 24

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